Live or Survive

The Beginnings of Kolemria
An account of what has transpired up to the bar fight

We begin in a dark Tavern on a rainy night, an Elf (Valoria), a Drow (Kovu), and a Paladin(Calem). Waiting to receive our orders for joining the military. A Dwarf comes over and introduces himself as Nalowack. After brief introductions the three new recruits are offered a shot. Each taking the offered drink they down the shot and fall to the floor poisoned. Kovu and Valoria wake to find themselves tied up with Calem still unconscious in the back of a moving wagon. After a few brief moments, and a terrible attempt to escape they are thrown from the wagon and once again Knocked unconscious.

The three wake up in the middle of a bare field with no equipment, and a faint memory of the past 48 hours. Looking around they see what appears to be a hill and more plains. They notice this place is different, that the sun isn’t really the sun but they are not able to identify the cause or the truth behind this mystery. They decide as a group to head towards the hill, after about an hour of walking they come across their weapons and a small chest. As each approach their armor magically equips itself back on the wearer. As they attempt to pick up the weapons accordingly the find themselves only able to pick up 1 long ranged weapon, 1 short ranged weapon, and a dagger. Looking towards the chest they find three items and a note. The note reads

“Welcome to my playground!
You will find you can at most take a ranged and a melee weapon from yon stand. Within, you will find three magic items. A ring, a belt, and a necklace.

Good luck!
Your Host”

The Ring of Supreme Healing, went to Calem, the Necklace of Skill went to Kovu, and the Belt of Guidance went to Valoria. Using the belt the party travels to the center of the “playground” where they meet a Half Orc named Lugduf who owned the tavern and preceded to inform the group about this peculiar place they were in. He offers the new travelers three coins each with the word “LIVE” on them. He states “In this place gold is no good, only these coins. You are either Living OR Surviving” While this was going on the tavern Bard showed up and the party was holding back the bile from the disturbing sound coming from this bard. Lugduf asks the party to find his friend and the normal bard to the tavern, in return he will give us some information. The party leaves on this journey to find the missing bard.

The three explorers find the area described to them by Lugduf and proceed into a cave after making short work of a few goblins. Inside they find nothing of significance, traveling through many corridors and many doors they eventually find a body with a lute lying next to it. They can only assume this is the body of the bard Lugduf had referred to. Around the area, the three travelers notice an arcane looking symbol on the ground in front of the bard. They head back to the Tavern to inform Lugduf of their finds.

When they arrive back at the tavern they are greeted with a familiar but unpleasant surprise, Nalowack is sitting at the bar enjoying a beer. Valoria as well as the Calem and Kovu confront the Dwarf as to the poison and this place. Nalowack responds with a small grunt blowing them off. Valoria Draws her bow and fires a direct hit to Nalowack causing him to get angry. Kovu tries to defuse the situation and keep his friends from dying knowing the suicide mission they had managed to get themselves into. After several intense moments Nalowack calls off the battle and goes behind the bar. Calem Kovu and Valoria inform the bartender of their finds in the cave and of the dead bard. Lugduf instantly accuses a mage named Galion and says to us find him and kill him. After each of the explorers offer up their “LIVE” coins in celebration to the fallen friend they hear more about this place. This place cannot be escaped. You must prove yourself worthy to get out. Among other not so pleasant news. The three decide to turn in for the night, as they leave a female Drow cuts them off and states she is impressed with our survival techniques against Nalowack. After a few short words, she says I am a friend and walks away. Calem Kovu and Valoria turn in for the night with much to think about.

The next morning, they over hear a man talking to himself and they decide to investigate the confused man. After finding his name is Elemmas the Lemur and he is friends with Galion the group becomes very interested in this man. The Lemur says that Galion always went to the mountain regions. Shortly after the three explorers head Southwest to the Mountain region.
After many hours of walking they come across a pillar and a riddle that must be passed to enter. After answering quickly they walk through a portal type thing and see a man running towards them rather quickly say RUN!! After finding out that this man is Galion they try to get information but to no avail as it seems Galion has lost all memory. After attempting to persuade and intimidate Galion he runs away.The explorers turn the other way using the belt and head south. After a short walk, they come across a few undead creatures and what looks like medical equipment on a small table off the side. Calem and Valoria try to talk to them and are debating about killing them. While they banter Kovu grabs the wraps and offers it to the first and closest undead. It comes closer and allows Kovu to help it, the others see this and come for help as well. The group passes the second test.

We proceed through a secret door and into a magnificent and enormous underground castle. They travel through some corridors and admire the beauty of this obviously Dwarven made masterpiece. Not long after they enter a room with an Ogre and a Dragonborn that’s looking very ragged. Making short work of the Ogre the group prepares to finish off the Dragonborn. At the last minute Valoria asked if she spoke common, with a harsh voice the two exchange a few words and the explores learn of Nalowack’s presence on the 3rd floor, and many a trial as well. Traveling down endless corridors and countless turns we bash into a room with 3 Goblins and 3 Kobalts fighting to the death.
The group begins to engage this brawl they stumbled upon and eventually kill the remaining of the enemies. They begin to explore more knowing they need to get to the 3rd level. In a random room, they find a Hobbit named Yarwin, he informs them of another Hobbit named Damon in the area and says to find him and in turn offers the group a hood with Darken Powers. Calem Valoria and Kovu travel some more and run into two Orcs and a Goblin. Calem begins to speak with them and they answer civilly with perfect common tongue and inform the three they had seen another Hobbit dressed to the tee. Valoria goes into a rampage and attacks the Orc closest to her. After some well place blows by Calem and many devastating shots from both Valoria and Kovu the two Orcs fall. The Goblin runs in fear for his life. Calem and Kovu go back to find Valoria destroying the corpse of the Orc on the ground, they soon find out that this Orc is from the clan that raided, destroyed, and killed Veloria’s childhood Village. After Valoria had calmed down the three of them continued and found a secret doorway leading out of the library and into a small room. Inside this room was another Hobbit dressed better than any had seen before. Kovu attempts to sneak up on the Hobbit but was fooled by an illusion by the Hobbit Valoria had stayed back and could turn the table back on the Hobbit. He introduced himself as Damon. The Three of them talk with Damon in details and find that Yarwin has been trying to kill Damon and that if they help Damon get out he will offer information on how to get to the 3rd level. Without his help, they would have no hope. Valoria and Kovu try to devise a secret plan to capture both Hobbits, Valoria asks Damon if he wanted Yarwin dead, Damon replies “I’ve already killed him once, how do you think he got here? How did you die?”


The three decide to tell Yarwin that Damon had ran past them not 5 minutes ago, Yarwin with renewed vigor in his stepped threw his Hood of Darken Powers to Kovu and ran out of the hall. Calem Valoria and Kovu walk out to see Damon standing there. He offers them an orb to get through the magic wall just on the other side of the wall. As he’s walking out he throws a mysterious quiver to Kovu. Kovu realizes he has received a magical quiver that offered him endless arrows. The group moves on through corridor after corridor room after room, looking for any signs of Nalowack. They come across and a group of Goblins and they decide fighting wasn’t worth it today.Moving on into another room they come across a Gargoyle, Calem decides to throw a rock at it pissing it off and causing it to attack. This being the toughest opponent the three have faced it took them quite a while to defeat him. After a long vigorous battle and many open wounds from all parties the group decides to rest a little.
Calem, Valoria, and Kovu wake up in a very familiar place and they realize they are back at the tavern where Nalowack had poisoned them the first time they met. Looking over they also notice that the bartender is Lugduf. Individually the three of them in their head “Everything you remember happened, it was not a dream. Learn from it you’re being given a second chance. Don’t blow it!” Nalowack motions for the bartender to bring them 4 shots, as they are brought over Valoria takes hers dumps it out and says “This is poisoned” Nalowack offers a firm nod and acknowledges they are as good as they say. Nalowack states that a town has been raided by Orcs every night for a while now and our task was to report Corporal Udlack. The three accept and head out. While traveling, they run into an old friend, the Goblin that got away. It’s an ambush 4 Orcs and 1 Goblin. Many severe wounds later they slay the last Orc. Resting for a while the travelers can continue. Finding the encampment they were told to check in with before the village Calem Valoria and Kovu decide to skip the camp and go to the village. Entering the village, they are stopped by a Dragonborn and asked to disclose their objectives. Using persuasion and intimidation they are able to pass through with little friction. Valoria walks straight to the Blacksmith Aerer, Calem and Kovu decide to follow her. Entering the shop Valoria is not able to find what she wants so she leaves and Kovu follows Calem stays behind and buys two Grappling hooks and ends up spending no money due to poor dice rolling. As Valoria and Kovu enter an Alchemist shop owned by Aucien they find that the Orcs are doing more damage than they first realized. They each purchase a healing potion and move on.

Walking out the shop they notice this town is very split, Miners and Hunters. The two jobs going to their respective bar. Shouting Bear Bar (hunters) and Venomous Ingot Inn (miners) Valoria and Kovu goes to the Miners Bar and Calem goes to the Hunters Bar. Valoria catches eye of the Corporal the group was supposed to check in with. He offers them information as to where they could go to head off the attacks from the Orcs. After enjoying a few drinks and a little food the hunters run over to start fighting the miners.


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